A home that has a poorly graded yard or is in an area near natural water sources can be in danger of water flooding the basement, crawl space or even the interior of the home.  You will need an EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION COMPANY that can act quickly to remove excess water and effectively dry out the WATER DAMAGE.  Empire Restoration Services, LLC works 7 days a week, 365 days a year around the clock to quickly keep you from experiencing more devastating costly WATER DAMAGE.


Storms can also cause a multitude of home damages such as flooding, roof and siding damage, hail damage, lightning strikes, and fires. Empire Restoration Services, LLC offers emergency roof covers, board up service and water/sewage pumping and clean up caused by flooding, roof and siding damage, lightning strikes and fires.

When you first notice a leak, hopefully before any major accumulation has taken place, your first instinct will be to rush to get your contents out of harms way.   You don’t have to do it alone!  Call Empire Restoration Services, LLC. We are a Fully Insured FLOOD DAMAGE RESTORATION COMPANY with a crew of our experienced team members we can help you to carry belongings to safety! We offer a Pack Out and Store service so your contents can be stored on site or sent to a storage facility until the issue is addressed and the contents returned to their intended space.

Water Extraction:


If it is already too late and hundreds of gallons of water have left your basement or crawlspace, don’t despair. Empire Restoration Services, LLC can get the area pumped out and help you determine what items can be salvaged and haul away what can’t.



is one of the most critical steps in the emergency process. Your property must be dried as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent further damage. Homes and businesses that are not dried thoroughly and maintain high humidity levels are at risk for secondary damage, which can cause structural concerns, dry wall deterioration and mold infiltrating the environment in less than 48 hours. Our certified technicians know exactly what equipment to use for each situation and where to best locate it, to make sure normal humidity levels have been obtained prior to restoration.